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Information Specialist | นักเอกสารสนเทศ

Benjarat Supaudomlerk | เบญจรัตน์ ศุภอุดมฤกษ์

Records Management

Expert advisors for the archives and special collections department play a critical role in ensuring the proper preservation, curation, and management of valuable historical materials. These experts have specialized knowledge in areas such as archival methods, conservation, and the cultural history of the materials being managed. They provide insights on best practices for collecting, organizing, and digitizing archives and advise on methods to prevent degradation and damage.

They also assist with decision-making around acquisitions, exhibitions, and loans of materials. Ultimately, expert advisors help to ensure that the archives and scrap collections are protected for future generations to learn from and appreciate. The archives and scrap collections department benefit greatly from expert advice, making it important to seek the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals for this role..



Phone: 053873504
Address: No. 63 Moo 4, Nong Han Subdistrict, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province 50290

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